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Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Yorkville, IL
Galvanized Chain Link Fences

What do you think about galvanized chain link fencing in residential neighborhoods?

Christopher Cherwin Yorkville, IL

I think an acceptable compromise is to not allow galvanized chain link fencing in the front of the property. I am fine with it in back yards.

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

I agree with you completely...

Richard Lowe Indianapolis, IN

No! Unasthetic!

Samuel Parodi Yorkville, IL

I'm originally from the south side of Chicago. Would LOVE TO NEVER see them ever again. So I 2nd "No! Unaesthetic!"

No! Thank-You

Tony Canzoneri Yorkville, IL

I vote NO, to any chain link fences. I do not like how they look.

Elizabeth Joyce Yorkville, IL

Prefer not to see them.

David Scott Yorkville, IL

No fencing. All fencing is ugly and makes residential areas look like manufacturing areas. Not one fence type lasts and they look terrible after a few years of service.

Judy Somerlot Yorkville, IL

NO to chain link fences. I agree that they are ugly.

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

Some reasons people put fences up are;; the city makes you if you have a pool in your yard. The lot size in a subdivision may be too small and your neighbors are right on top of you. You have a pet and you need to contain it in your yard thus protecting your neighbors. You want some privacy, {wont get that with chainlink} but other type fences.. Chainlink is the most economical option.
Why do people think because they own a piece of property to live on that they have a RIGHT to tell their neighbors around them what not to do or have on their properties because they do not like the way it looks? I wonder what they will say when their neighbor tells them the same??

I'd rather see chain link than some of the crappy wood fences that aren't taken care of! Maybe yet another ordinance to have people actually MAINTAIN any time of fencing....