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Cellular Phone Towers

Yorkville, IL
Cellular Phone Towers

What do you think about allowing large residential lots (such as those found in the Estate District [E-1]), to have cellular phone towers?

Should homeowner associations (HOAs) be allowed to install cell towers in common areas of the development they preside over?

What is a "homeowner association"?

Joel Frieders Yorkville, IL

I think a cell tower in each subdivision, with any revenue going towards that subdivision's infrastructure needs is a great idea. I know it needs input from a lawyer, and most HOAs won't follow up on the idea because of the legal issues, but the idea is a good one.

Another bonus: possibly better signal?

David Scott Yorkville, IL

Cell towers today, windmills next. HOA's are nonprofit. Cell towers and other structures should not be permitted in residential, unless I can have them in my yard too, to generate money to pay property taxes and outrageous water bill.

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

As I worked on cell towers for a living I might ask you to check on the health concerns of EMF Electro Magnetic Frequency.
Its all about the money always is...I would not want to live near a cell tower as they amp up the speeds so more output power is needed... GOOGLE this subject you will not want a tower anywhere near your family.....

tom gunseor Yorkville, IL

keep in rural areas and away from people