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Barbed Wire

Yorkville, IL
Barbed Wire

Should barbed wire be permitted in Manufacturing Districts?

Richard Lowe Indianapolis, IN

Only for prisons!

Jamey Immergluck Yorkville, IL

Agree with Richard

Samuel Parodi Yorkville, IL

Depends: What if manufacturing district is producing something that could be stolen or manipulated into something dangerous? Stringent code to make sure that once rust and other unaesthetic issues pop up they must be replace?

Off the subject here, but I can't find the applicable category: please stop the proliferation of the brightly flashing message board signs, especially on Routes 47 and 34. They are garish and a distraction to drivers who are already texting and talking on cell phones.

Tony Canzoneri Yorkville, IL

I do not want to see barbed wire. I am sure they could come up with a more aesthetically appealing approach to protecting their products.

Elizabeth Joyce Yorkville, IL

Not keen on seeing barbed wire. Manufacturing districts with barbed wire fences always tend to look a bit slummy to me.

David Scott Yorkville, IL

Barbed wire fencing is not really a deterent from access. Guard dogs are more effective. Lighting and security guards work also.

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

I guess you could Electrify the fence? You would not see that. all though you might not like looking at what ever touched the fence and got fried?

kevin koeppen Yorkville, IL

IF the fence is in a manufacturing district then it should be permitted. Unless the city will be providing more officers on the street to deter the thieves from the businesses it should be permitted. The fence is in a manufacturing district not a beauty district.