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Open Space District

Yorkville, IL
Open Space District

What do you think about the creation of the new Open Space District (OS)?

Clark Kromenaker Yorkville, IL

My preference would be to have a mix of open and developed areas such that Yorkville maintains its rural feel but has the city amenities.

It would be nice if the current large parks in the area could be linked together by a trail system, that could be walked or biked. Currently you pick out a park you want to go to, need to drive there in many cases and unload a bike or start walking or running.

Chuck Templeton Chicago, IL

How do we get more local food production in open spaces? Seems like a great opportunity to get local, healthy and environmentally friendly food systems near a great city.

Clark Kromenaker Yorkville, IL

All I see here is a picture and a title. What is behind these proposals? Are we supposed to come up with our own ideas based on the picture and title?

David Scott Yorkville, IL

Vague. What is the intent or purpose of a OSD?

The Open Space (OS) zoning category would consist of two (2) districts, OS-1 (Passive) and OS-2 (Recreational). Currently, the City does not have a specific zoning classification for dedicated open green areas such as Parks. This classification would provide not only zoning, designate permitted and special use categories and establish bulk regulations. The proposed OS-1 (Passive) District would permit hiking trails, community gardens and conservation areas. Agriculture uses would be allowed as a Special Use. The OS-2 (Recreational) district would permit community centers, playgrounds, etc. Special uses permitted int his district would include marina uses with boat sales/rentals and storage, campgrounds, golf courses, ice rinks, stadiums and indoor swimming pools.

kevin koeppen Yorkville, IL

Absolutely not. Who pays for the maintenance and upkeep. The cleaning, the controlled burns, the planting and mowing. This is nothing more than an expense.