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You want to improve your city.
We can help you do it.

You want to improve your city.
We help you do it.

What is Municipal?

A tool that brings people together in order to improve the places they care about.

  • Turn ideas into campaigns for action
  • Grow a network of supporters
  • Collect valuable feedback
  • Organize campaign-related volunteer activities
  • Create projects that can manage groups of relevant campaigns
  • Track and analyze campaign and project progress

Who uses Municipal?


People like you that want to grow support for an idea that could improve their community and then organize to take action.

City staff
City Staff

Any department teams that need quick and easy ways in which to reach out to those they serve and then learn from the feedback they receive.


Mission-driven groups that want to grow support for their own initiatives or seek to empower others by providing support for theirs.

Elected leaders
Elected Leaders

Representatives who want to build better connections with their constituents, learn about their preferences, and then take informed steps forward.


Teachers that want to inspire students to be informed and active citizens that view themselves as an important part of a larger social fabric.


Young people that want to make a positive impact in their community but find it difficult to express their ideas and need help amplifying their voice.

News media

Journalists seeking to cover the newest initiatives that are poised to make the most impact within their communities.


Civic organizations that strengthen their community by supporting and building partnerships with non-profits, nurture important discussions focused on key issues, and seek to track the impact of their work in order to make smart investments in the future.

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