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Superloop Rapid Streetcar

Chicago, IL
Superloop Rapid Streetcar

The Superloop rapid streetcar:
- Links major destinations together by world-class modern transit that’s easy to find, simple to navigate, and fun to ride.
- Connects the West Loop train stations to Navy Pier and the Museum Campus.
- Connects Metra to jobs with first-class last-mile service.

A cost-effective expansion of rapid transit:
- Combines simple streetcar infrastructure with efficient light-rail operations:
runs in a dedicated lane with traffic signal priority so it doesn’t get stuck in traffic.
- Part of a small network of some of the busiest and most cost-effective light-rail lines in North America.
- A proven catalyst for growth without congestion.

A project of the Chicago Streetcar Renaissance.
Executive Director: John Krause.
Board of Advisors: Steve Schlickman, Randy Neufeld, John Norquist, Kevin Bell.

Alex Burchard Chicago, IL

Something needs to be done to connect all these destinations. This would be a great idea!

Scott Presslak Itasca, IL

My only concern is a new RI station at Roosevelt, since LaSalle Street Station is only a few blocks north. A better routing would be Roosevelt-Clark-Polk-Financial-Harrison to tie in with the new multimodal bus station they built at LaSalle Street Station instead of forcing a new RI station.

Harvey Kahler Chicago, IL

Taking Museum Campus transitway to a bus station at La Salle Station makes some sense to me; and extending it to Union and Ogilvie would be even better.

R H Chicago, IL

As a former South Loop resident, I used to visit the Museum Campus nearly every weekend. Now that I'm living in the West Loop, I don't go nearly as often. I strongly support the part of this plan that connects the West Loop stations to the Museum Campus. Talking to other neighbors in the West Loop, I also hear that this project would generate a lot of enthusiasm and make it easier for residents to access the lakefront. Thumbs Up all the way on this one!

Jeffery Ayersman Chicago, IL

Like it, need to connect it into the south loop for dual purpose though,

Michelle Stenzel Chicago, IL

This is exactly what is needed to link existing transit stations to the Museum Campus area destinations as well as McCormick Place!

Barbara Krause Leland, MI

Great plan for those of us who visit regularly and do not want to use a car in the city. Takes me, efficiently, to most of the places I want to go.

Michael Burrill Cincinnati, OH

With extensions north and south, this great idea would be even better, offering more one-seat rides to many Chicago citizens and tourists!

Elizabeth McNicholas Chicago, IL

Grand idea, everyone - though why not make it an actual loop, for instance this-a-way:

Lisa Sikes Naperville, IL

A great plan - fast and efficient!

F. Scott Winslow Chicago, IL

A slight modification might make this idea better.
Connect the Art Institute, Milinemum Park and the new Maggie,Daley park by simply routing the streetcar down the existing private bus lane that is already in use parallel to the IC tracks and used for McCormic place bus routes.
This would give you the Metra access as well as nearly every Museam. In the future it could be extended south to Science and Industry and we would then have a truly integrated "Museam Campus". Visitors, for the first time, could visit nearly all lake front attractions by getting on and off one route.

Marcus DiSandro Chicago, IL

It is important to the advancement of Chicago and showing that we are a World Class city!

Vitaliy Vladimirov Chicago, IL

Wonderful idea which would tackle downtown's congestion in the most reasonable way: letting people get around without a car!

Mindy Faber Chicago, IL

Would help transport youth to museum education programs

George Jennings Horsforth,

Streetcars are the best way to get commuters out of their cars. Look at San Diego!