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Museum Campus Tram System

Chicago, IL
Museum Campus Tram System

A Low-speed Tram System, capable of operating on the sidewalks with pedestrians, or on their own paths -- could be easily created to transport Tourists (and Workers) between the different Attractions that compose the Museum Campus/McCormick Place/DePaul Arena; and even nearby PublicTransit access. This could be a free system subsidized by the Attractions themselves (well worth doing), or charge very low fares. Trams operated by Battery, Hybrid, or Fuel-Cell systems would create little or no pollution while operating on the Lakefront; and need no special infrastucture other that a paved surface. And as can be seen in the attached Video, some are capable of operating on the Road, in traffic. Maybe an alternative (and distinctive) way of connecting the Museum Campus Area to Downtown, the Hotels, and the Western Train Stations.