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Establish an indoor public market in downtown Peoria with food and market vendor stalls.

Jon Walker Peoria, Illinois

I always felt the remaining space in River Station would make a good indoor, year round market.

Zach Borders Chicago, Illinois

This is a really great idea. An iconic and beloved building with the interior and exterior spaces that could make it work.

Christopher Callen Peoria, Illinois

Downtown Peoria needs a 24/7 and year round marketplace. A ' supermarket ' chain isn't as necessary if consumers (ex: residents, tourists, workers, etc.) had easy access to a large, well-run, central marketplace for fresh baked goods, meats, and produce. The Warehouse District has excellent, sizable, buildings that could be rehabbed for that purpose.

Valerie Brown Peoria Heights, Illinois

Everyone could use fresh fruits and veggies! I was going to suggest something very similar like a community garden every year and volunteers come help plant weed and take care of it in return taking a box of fresh harvested items home

Jeffrey Smith Astoria, Illinois

This is important to bring people into the area the market will take place.
This is important to me because the area smaller towns are using this type of market and or farmers market to bring in more people to their business districts

Imagine Peoria... Metamora, Illinois

A good component for an indoor market is the low cost to create one from an existing, large open space.

Imagine Peoria... Metamora, Illinois

A have in mind an excellent candidate for the space and it is vacant.

Marci Jett Peoria, Illinois

Soulard in St.Louis is one of the best features of the city. There are some dedicated spaces/shops and seasonal. This would be amazing for Peoria!

Greg Potts Peoria, Illinois

My wife and I have visited the Grand Rapids downtown market several times. We feel this would be a nice addition to downtown. It adds services that are important to support residential growth downtown along with adding a nice attraction for residents and visitors.

Zach Borders Chicago, Illinois

Other relevant examples include North Market (Columbus, OH) and Milwaukee Public Market (Milwaukee, WI)

Grant Zastrow Peoria, Illinois

This is a great example because the Grand Rapids Downtown Market is in a similar neighborhood that is part of a similarly sized city. Using the Grand Rapids Downtown Market as an inspiration could help this project avoid some potential pitfalls and give it a better chance of success.

Roy Randle Torrance, California

It should be as extensive and varied as traffic would support.
Provide opportunity to make continuously make suggestions for the market and insure that it will succeed permanently. The Warehouse District has the perfect ambiance for this.

Colleen Kimball East Peoria, Illinois

A public market is a great way to encourage small businesses and artisans, inspire togetherness, and even drive some tourism.

Nancy Payne-Sopher Peoria, Illinois

As a resident of the downtown area, I would love a place to shop year round!

Seth Cocquit Peoria, Illinois

I like it. It'd offer more opportunity for local farmers and local consumers to connect during the cooler months of the year.

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