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Peoria, IL

I believe this will provide another option to get in and out of Peoria along with free parking. There used to be service in Chillicothe a long time ago. Let's bring it to Peoria.

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Eric Choma Peoria, IL

This would provide a direct connection to Chicago/St Louis. Much less expensive than a new highway that saves 10 miles.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

THIS idea has been ' in the works ' for years by a local consortium. But it's unlikely to happen. Why? Most area residents don't understand it's not as simple as wanting it. Direct Amtrak service to Peoria would require federal, state, and local subsidies and tens of millions of dollars in capital improvements for a new line outside an existing corridor. Our regional tax base keeps shrinking, insignificant local demand to support the expenditure, and strong unlikelihood our region would sustain it. This would be different if our area had booming population growth, significant business travel, and frequent college student usage. Otherwise, the local private sector (ex: CAT, Ameren Illinois, OSF, Etc.) would have to continuously support it.... In short, IT wouldn't be profitable.

xxxxx xxxxx Peoria, IL

Yes! I fully support having rail service to Chicago and St. Louis going through Peoria.

Stephanie Goodman Peoria, IL

Love this idea! This would be very convenient and might even bring people to the city as well.

Marci Jett Peoria, IL

We travel to St. Louis and Chicago often. This would make it much easier and cheaper and bring more people into this awesome city.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. "

Randall Emert Sr Peoria, IL

I miss the old days when you could hop a train to the heart of Chicago and return that evening.


This would be huge! Sad that it doesn't already exist!

Laurie Paskey East Peoria, IL

I love the idea of this. My husband and I take the train whenever we can.


@Christopher Callen the new BNL station alone cost $50 million. This is a billion dollar proposal. If you're gonna vote for this you might as well vote for the cookie Monster fountain too...

Scott Taylor Peoria, IL

A passenger rail connection really isn't practical at this time. Amtrak did a study in recent years and found that the capital costs needed to get a connection from Peoria to BN (and on to Chicago and St. Louis) would be massive due to A) crossing the Illinois River and B) navigating the bluffs on either side of it. Peoria should focus its time and money on more achievable goals

Timothy Opperman Peoria, IL

I'm afraid this idea died with Caterpillar leaving Peoria.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

The Roanoke Times: Amtrak returns to Roanoke
"The $105 million project, which is based on a 30-year agreement with Norfolk Southern Corp., resumes passenger service after a 38-year hiatus."

better use then buses