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Streetscape Landscape Maintenance Program

Peoria, IL
Streetscape Landscape Maintenance Program

The streetscape improvements in the Warehouse Districts are great, however, we need the landscaping to be maintained on a regular basis so the showcase the City rather than looking like a weed patch. My campaign is to have a designated organization responsible for the continued beautification of our City by maintaining our current landscape boxes and install new ones throughout the entire downtown, especially on the pedestrian corridors like SW Washington Street.

Darren Graves Peoria, IL

This project would improve if the entire area was a green street. The landscape areas were rain gardens with native plant species that would also be drought tolerant and while we're at it, install some pollinators in there too. When an area is beautiful, traffic slows down, people flock to the area and we are creating habitats that have been destroyed over time.

Pamela Johnson Peoria, IL

We have new beautiful streets but no one is regularly maintaining the landscaping and it significantly detracts from the looks of a vibrant, liveable neighborhood. I would think the businesses adjacent to the landscaping would want to maintain it...but many are not doing so.

Darren Graves Peoria, IL

I have attended many national conferences and I'm glad to see Peoria is putting forth the effort. More can be done all over the city. The landscape should be true rain gardens, permeable pavement (sidewalks, parking, streets) and LED lighting. Even the round-a bouts should have landscaping incorporated into the design. I believe this will encourage business owners and residents to reflect the idea.

I have done weeding of these boxes and am willing to do more but it needs to be organized and get companies/individuals to adopt certain boxes. A SSA will help that happen but it will take some time to get to this.

Doug Leunig Peoria, IL

Sustainability is much more than just planting seeds. Let's get on with the real work.

Eva Kirschbaum Peoria, IL

Not just the warehouse district but everywhere downtown

Unknown Account Peoria, IL

My wife and I would be happy to volunteer 2-4 hours a month to any group wanting to help with maintenance. We also support any efforts to plant with low maintenance, drought/flood tolerant, and native species.

D Ingles Germantown Hills, IL

Some evidence indicates that knowing and experiencing nature makes us generally happier, healthier people. Street landscapes balance the cities hard surfaces and invites nature.

Lori Momberg Peoria, IL

I agree streetscape improvements are necessary to enhance the beautification of our city. However, the plantings should not impede the view of traffic at the intersections. We need a dedicated organization to regularly maintain the landscaping and ensure compliance with applicable landscape ordinances. I moved here from Indianapolis and we had an organization, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, who helped maintain the landscaping.