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Residential Uses Above Businesses

Yorkville, IL
Residential Uses Above Businesses

Should residential uses be permitted above retail in the B-1, B-2, and B-3 Districts?

Richard Lowe Indianapolis, IN

This is a great idea! Have you ver traveled to other cities especially Europe. Barcelona is know as an architectural example. They created parks at intersections and multilane and sidewalk promenades for community living. Look the world over for great examples where great things have already been done! Population density with the feeling of space and convenience!

nancy lockhart Yorkville, IL

Very attractive and makes for a vital downtown where residents can have the convenience of walking. Also good for the businesses. A practical use of space and the creation of a new neighborhood.

kevin koeppen Yorkville, IL

Only if there is adequate parking available to both residents and patrons.

Cecilia Gamba Chicago, IL

Sure! Happens all the time in Italy too. Except some specific types of business (with noise/smell issues, etc.), it makes a lot of sense.

David Scott Yorkville, IL

Yes. As long as the residential and businesses are compatible to coexist.

Craig Lentzkow Yorkville, IL

Great Idea. Residents living in shopping districts bring social and economic vitality to the area.

Christopher Cherwin Yorkville, IL

yes, this should be allowed.