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Bee Keeping in Yorkville

Yorkville, IL
Bee Keeping in Yorkville

Is permitting the practice of beekeeping something that would benefit the residents of Yorkville?

Borrowing from the ordinances of Evanston, IL and Milwaukee, WI, Yorkville drafted an ordinance that allows for limited beekeeping on properties as a permitted accessory use within one and two-family residentially zoned properties, as well as within business districts.

As proposed multi-family residences would not be permitted, due to a minimum 25 foot setback from adjoining properties and fencing for flyway requirements.

Read more about the ordinance in the November 5th, 2013 EDC Packet on the Yorkville website.

What are your thoughts on this ordinance?

Lisa Peterson Yorkville, IL

Incredibly bad idea. I would not under any circumstanses be happy living next to someone that had a bee hive. 15 ft is not far enough away. That is why I purchased a home within city limits. I like the rules and laws that tell people what they can and can't do. You would think being a good neighbor would be a no brainer, but tell that to the jerk behind us that keeps lighting off fireworks at sometimes as late at 2:00am. If you want to keep a bee hive move outside the city limits. What is the city going to do if someone gets stung and has a severe allergic reaction. Cause I'd be wanting to sue the city if I incured any medical bills. It's almost as stupid of a move as boting to tell people it's ok to keep racoons, foxes and chickens as pets. There is supossed to be 4 pets for household & the city doesn't even enforce that. I am so tired of the dogs and cats that run loose in our neighborhood by irresponsible pet owners. I could not imagine throwing bees into the mix.

Ed Bell, Ed.D. Oswego, IL

Sorry you are so misinformed about honeybees. Unfortunately, the language you use would say that you are not open to learning or listening with an open mind. Being a good neighbor also includes listening intelligently to others des

Rachel Davis Yorkville, IL

I am a huge supporter of this idea and hope to start my first bee hive in the spring. Honey bees have so many benefits that being able to have a hive in town seems like a no brainer. I don't get to decide if my neighbor gets a dog that barks all the time, or a cat that always comes in my yard, or a parrot that squaks constantly when the windows are open, so why is everyone so concerned about what someone's neighbors think. If the public was properly educated about honeys bees, there would be numerous supporters!

Lisa Macaione Yorkville, IL


David Scott Yorkville, IL

Bees now and chickens tomorrow. This would set the presedence for raising other food producing creatures.

Craig Lentzkow Yorkville, IL

Beekeeping should be conducted only in agriculturally zone properties.

Christopher Cherwin Yorkville, IL

I support allowing bee keeping, but feel that there needs to be a minimum property size and population density requirements.

Patti Bridge Yorkville, IL

Before the honey bee proposal was even considered, I would venture to guess that beehives have been a part of several households within city limits. Education is the key. My grandfather kept bees to help with pollination of his garden and he was within city limits (not Yorkville) and there were no complaints. We have gotten so far away from what is "natural" and are so paranoid about lawsuits that it is actually detrimental to our society. Beekeeping is such an educational hobby that people should be encouraged to participate. I strongly believe that one or two honey bee hives per household should be allowed within city limits with no fee (tax) involved.

The November 5, 2013 EDC packet can be viewed in full via the following link beginning on page 41.

Samuel Parodi Yorkville, IL

Well the bees might sting the dogs and cats, and force them back inside?!?

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

interesting idea but not really for residential ares in the city limits. If the beekeeper introduces a new queen into the hive the bees become agitated and nobody better get near the hive for a few days or they will attack! This happened to my wife. the person behind us had his hives on the property line and that day he put on his suit and introduced a new queen into one hive. Of course we or nobody else new that? My wife went out to mow the backyard and when the mower on our property went past the hive on his property the bees started to all come out and fly all around her. she stated to run to the house and a swarm chased her to the patio door,luckily she made it inside but the bees were all on the back of our house. I had to go out the front door and go get the beekeeper. He was nice explained what happened and put his suit on got his smoke can and somehow got the bees back to the hive.. a few days later he moved the hives away from our property... My biggest concern would be what if that had happened to my young children and not my wife? would they have run or would they have been covered with stinging bees????

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

Be a good neighbor

Be considerate of your neighbors and their property. Don't open your hives during conditions that cause bees to be irritable. Also, avoid disturbing your bees when neighbors are working, relaxing, or entertaining in their back yards. Power equipment such as lawn mowers and edge trimmers can disturb bees and make act defensively. Locate your bee hives away from these potential situations with neighbors.

tom gunseor Yorkville, IL

keep bees in rural areas, more work keeping bees than expected. if they leave hive they will get into nooks of houses