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Reducing Parking Requirements (Bicycle/Motorcycle)

Yorkville, IL
Reducing Parking Requirements (Bicycle/Motorcycle)

If a business provides dedicated bicycle parking should the number of required off-street parking spaces be reduced? What about motorcycle parking?

Chuck Templeton Chicago, IL

I love reducing parking requirements. Should be more and more bike friendly lanes, parking and bike friendly traffic laws. Bikes are healthier, safer and in many instances faster. Oh and they are much better for the environment.

Joel Frieders Yorkville, IL

Connect to the Gilman Trail please!

More trails are needed. My subdivision (Greenbriar) is landlocked. There is no way for cyclists, runners and walkers (including kids) to reach the downtown except by using Route 47. It doesn't have to be this way.

David Scott Yorkville, IL

No. Bike parking spaces will not reduce vehicle traffic.

Ben Niles Yorkville, IL

Don't know if it should reduce vehicle parking requirements, but we need to ADD bicycle parking requirements for all businesses.

Christopher Cherwin Yorkville, IL

Downtown parking will likely be scarce as it is, I would not support reducing automobile parking in favor of bicycle parking. I am sure that there will be enough odd spaces that can be used for bicycles and motorcycles.

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

Bikes are the future. As gas gets near $4.00 a gallon riding a bike saves you money and greatly can improve your health. Adding bicycle parking is needed but Yorkville needs to connect a trail up to Oswego. We need some sort of trail along or near the river.

kevin koeppen Yorkville, IL

Bike parking that is used for 4-5 moths a year, increase the cost to everyone. Bicyclists believe that they have do not need to follow the same rules as everyone else and need to be treated specially since they are "green" and are the future. Autos provide far more revenue to businesses than bicycles. Remove a spot remove dollars.