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Caring for Canaryville

Chicago, IL
Caring for Canaryville

The name of my neighborhood is canaryville. it is apart of the new city community on the south side. there is a park in my neighborhood called taylor lauridsen park. across from the playground there is an empty space not being used right now. the space does nothing for the park and could be used for something else. i think the best idea for the park is to add both a volleyball and basketball court to the empty space. something to do outside would a great addition to the park considering it is nearly impossible to get into the gym because of sport practices always taking place. the new addition would also be great for teens in canaryville. if there was something to do at the park like playing basketball or volleyball more kids would get out of the house and go there. a large amount of canaryville kids play basketball and volleyball. alexander graham bell school and st. gabriel’s catholic school, which are schools in the neighborhood, both have basketball and volleyball teams.

Alex Krueger Chicago, IL

A park would be a great resource for this neighborhood.

Katlyn Young Chicago, IL

It gives the youth in the area a safe space to spend their time.

Ihsan Saeed Chicago, IL


Diamond Forney Chicago, IL

we need more stuff around there