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Potholes: The Real Issue of Canaryville

Chicago, IL
Potholes: The Real Issue of Canaryville

I want to try and fix the roads in canaryville. potholes have ruined many streets and cars and the cold weather and snow is not helping the cause. my friends and i had our run in with potholes with either having to swerve out of the way of one to reduce damage or the fear of it hurting your car or popping a tire. from my personal experience in my neighborhood potholes are horrible to deal with and a huge risk to people with the possibility of an accident or harm to all drivers and passengers. the cold weather and ice raises the risk from potholes.the solution is simple but hard to execute. instead of filling in the potholes with the same old gravel and cement, let’s repave the roads that need it most. it may be difficult to get the city council to listen to our plan but it is worth it. the roads are so damaged. instead of using temporary solutions let’s be safer and repave the streets. i think the safety of people and their transportation is an important way to use our tax dollars.

Alex Krueger Chicago, IL

I'd like to stop having to get my car tires fixed, because of potholes!

Katlyn Young Chicago, IL

I feel you.