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More caps - German Village, OTE

Columbus, OH

The cap over I-270 from downtown to the Short North has been very successful at transforming the convention center area and linking downtown to the Short North. More caps should be built and populated with cafes, restaurants and other business. A cap over I-71/70 linking downtown to German Village would be a good start, as well as a cap linking downtown to Old Town East over I-70

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Josh Lapp Columbus,

This MUST happen between German Village and Downtown. The SN has done so well in part because of the cap there. We have really been a leader with the SN cap and adding them over I-70 at High, Front, 4th, 3rd, and Grant will really help to reconnect the neighborhoods and encourage economic development in those areas.

Gus Smithhisler Marengo, OH

I absolutely agree! Caps are a must if we want to strengthen downtown by reconnecting what the highway took away!

andy stiebler Columbus, OH

I think this is a neat idea. It would defn help solidify downtown to it's neighboring communities.

I recently visited MKSK offices and they had this idea drafted in one of their designs. From what I understand it is in progress and will eventually become a reality.