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Street art for traffic calming

Columbus, OH
Street art for traffic calming

Painting the street, murals, sculptures—basically anything that creates visual interest and surprise—also slows down vehicular traffic.

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Hristina Panovska Columbus, OH

Have you seen the mural that Clintonville painted in front of the Co-op, on intersection Crestview and Calumet? It's meant for traffic calming and it actually adds a bit of community pride for that area.

Josh Lapp Columbus,

Love this idea. Works on many levels: a) traffic calming, b) walkablility- adding interesting things for pedestrians to look at while making them safer, c) public art

Belkis Schoenhals Columbus, OH

This would be a great idea to develop this spring since the mayor established the public art program. A great way of mixing art and local talent with safety and an underlying intention. Is there a way to find the most dangerous intersections in Columbus and propose traffic calming art for the top 3?

Gus Smithhisler Marengo, OH

As an engineer, I support this idea. As an artist, I LOVE this idea! I recall seing intersections painted with the 'CityYear' logo several years ago, I wonder if anyone noticed any affect on traffic?