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Lighted crosswalks on busy streets

Columbus, OH
Lighted crosswalks on busy streets

Streets with heavy automobile traffic would be safer for pedestrians if lights were incorporated into crosswalks. Lights make crosswalks more visible to pedestrians and demand attention from automobiles, especially at night. Lights also require the pedestrian to stop and push a button before crossing, thus preventing them from quickly running into the street, giving cars a fair warning.

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Derek Bergman Columbus, OH

This is a great idea! It's cheap, efficient, and improves safety and the atmosphere.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an In Road Warning Light (IRWL) crosswalk system.

A. Reliability: Insist on a minimum warranty of 5 Years and references that have had their systems in the road for at least 3 years.
B. Low Profile: Use light heads with a profile that is less than 1/8" above the road surface to avoid any potential trip hazards or unsettling bicycle / motorcycle impacts.
C. Hardwired: Insist on a hardwired system (no batteries to replace) to ensure a long life, low maintenance system.
D. Stainless Steel construction: The road is a rough environment so stay away from systems that expose plastic components to vehicle traffic.

If you do your homework you should expect many years of trouble free operation from your IRWL system.