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Dog friendly area (dfa) for university village

Chicago, IL
Dog friendly area (dfa) for university village

At least 60% of university village residents are dog owners. we are in a desperate need of a dog friendly area (dfa): it will boost residents’ morale, and it could be a potential attraction point for new residents.

i am currently working with the university village association to start the dfa process with the city of chicago.
we identified 3 possible lands that could be used for a dfa:

1. 730 w 14th st – it is currently a very underutilized and small gated park. a small section of the park could be easily transformed into a dfa at a minimum cost.

2. 1440 w 14th place st – it is currently an empty gated lot. not sure who owns the land, it was probably meant to be used for an additional townhome during the university village development.

3. 790 w 15th st – it is currently an awesome park with a great playground area. i think it could be a great location for a dfa, at a minimum cost.

my favorite is # 3.

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