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Transform Pilsen

Chicago, IL
Transform Pilsen

Pilsen is my neighborhood and i want the best for it. families are worried about what will happen in the night because of all the gangbangers. many people are also sick and tired of the gang violence in the community. i see the violence and i want to stop it. i want the people in my community to be safe and not to worried about any crime and gang violence that motivates teens to join their gang and become one of them. they killed one of my friends and he didn’t do anything all he did was just hanging out with people until his death. in my neighborhood we should add programs so that kids and teens are not into the gang violence. mostly every parade and holidays that you have to go outside someone(s) died and no one should go through that. there are some more problems that are going on but we can solve everything together will have an equal voice. there are many things in the world that need to be changed and what other people think they need in their community.