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New Jobs in University Village

Chicago, IL
New Jobs in University Village

The issues that are in my neighborhoods are that there is a lot of gentrification going on because of the rent going up. there are lots of things that are becoming unaffordable for people. also there are a lot of taxes at mostly every corner store around.the payments are high and they rise and rise.the cost of living is going up.
what i want to do to solve this problem is create more jobs. so since my neighborhood lacks a neighborhood store, we should open one. for example when anyone comes back from football or basketball practice they could easily go into the store and grab what they want easily so that they do not have to go in a big grocery store just to buy something like gatorade. people do not have to wait in a very long line just to buy one thing like the grocery store. but not just a food store,we could open up some stores that the neighborhood lacks. we should also make things more affordable for people

Hmmmm...not sure I follow your reasoning here. I don't think the sheer number of jobs is really going to help low rent residents to maintain their current living situation in an area that is experiencing an influx of higher rent residents, and we shouldn't bemoan and try to prevent the natural evolution of a neighborhood either. If you really wanted to keep up with higher rents you have to increase your skills and thus your rate of pay. Adding another job will only get you as far as there are hours in the day.

Furthermore, where you dropped your flag, St. Ignatius College Prep's parking lot, does not seem like a viable location for a "corner store." Roosevelt seems more institution oriented than retail/commercial and there's already a CVS the SW corner of Roosevelt and Racine. Let's keep thinking together on this one:]