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Schematic Design Option B

Peoria, IL
Schematic Design Option B

Review the plan and the imagery used to suggest what specific areas may look like once completed. Decide whether or not to support this option and tell us why.

Mike Buoscio Peoria, IL

I like option B better than A. I think having a performance stage with lawn seating will be a great asset. Option A is very geared towards only children. Option B is more balanced towards the whole community. As far as suggestions for improvement. Perhaps the addition of an option to have the skating rink here instead of by city hall. This would bring people to riverfront year round. Perhaps lawn seating area could be used for skating in winter?

Ben Tilly Peoria, IL

Of the 2, I prefer option B. However, neither option offers a major draw for me to come downtown to this area. I can certainly understand the draw for families, but as a single, late 20s individual, Ill likely direct my time to the warehouse district, which I really love.
I definitely understand this cant be all things to all people. I hope whatever this park becomes, that the quality of it can be maintained for many years to come.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

Plan B is more interactive but seems out-of-place directly on the riverfront. It contains too many amenities in a very small amount of acreage. This isn't NYC's Central Park! Trying to be all things to the everyone never works. This would better work in a different setting, away from the flood-prone riverbanks. How many of these proposed amenities, including another performance stage, will sustain years of repeated underwater submersion. City planners need to use common sense instead of Burnham Master Planning. Everyone has these grand ideas but all are neither feasible or practical for a small city's riverfront.

Timothy Opperman Peoria, IL

Looks interesting and functional.

Unknown Account Peoria, IL

I prefer the layout of Option B, but would make a few small changes, combining the best of Option A. I like the placement of the playground, but would like to see a combination with a small fountain/splash pad within that same area. The formal gardens could be a great attraction similar to those found in Millennium Park in Chicago, and would make a great group photo location for weddings and school dances. I'm not sure I understand the roll hill and think that area might be better used for bike parking and picnic area. I would eliminate the trees closer to the river, which might block sight lines of the stage and water.

Lori Rustom Peoria, IL

Not as big a fan of this design although I think the roll hills are very cool and would be great during flooding. Not sure I think another stage is needed just down from CEFCU stage. I think all the pathways seem unnecessary and reduce the amount of grass in the park. I do like that this playground is a bit further from the tracks though.

Britta Kresca Peoria, IL

There is no reason at all for another stage so close to CEFCU and we already have LimeLight which attracts the music crowd. If plan B unfortunately gets chosen, then at least replace the stage with a skating rink that Mike, above, mentioned.

Robert Renner Chillicothe, IL

I like the idea of a stage, but it should be as small as possible to accommodate small performing groups (small combos, small singing groups, etc.). cefcu stage should be for larger performing groups and larger audiences. The children's play area should be as far back from the stage as possible. The trees and multiple sidewalks on the southeast side should be mostly lawn (possibly gently sloped for all areas to have a good river and stage view). there should be as many benches for seating as possible along the existing sidewalks, maybe even a few small picnic tables with benches. the formal garden could be eliminated---too much upkeep and maintenance. "K.I.S.S." philosophy in all aspects (keep it super simple). less concrete, more grass, fewer trees, more resting and sitting areas. I do like the idea of a small observation tower or platform at the back area so people could climb up and get a great view of the downtown and river.