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Schematic Design Option A

Peoria, IL
Schematic Design Option A

Review the plan and the imagery used to suggest what specific areas may look like once completed. Decide whether or not to support this option and tell us why.

Lori Rustom Peoria, IL

I prefer this design, the two pathways are simple and seem most intuitive as to where people will most likely be walking. The layout will take the flooding into account the best with almost nothing in the area next to the river. The spray park is redundant with the other one in front of the Gateway. That one is poorly maintained and isn't functional quite a bit of the summer so if the money isn't there to keep this spray pad in working condition, I would nix it. I like the tensile structure but again, if it's canvas, can we afford to keep it in decent looking condition? Will it be removed in the winters to preserve it? Not sure about the play structures being so close to the RR tracks? But that does set it the furthest from flooding which is the better option. What is the Tree of Life? Will it be a semi-mature tree when planted? I'd like to see the bike park created out of the water permeable bricks rather than concrete. And really the same for all the paved areas in the park. The spray park is in a good location to support the Farmer's Market still using some of this space as well as the grassy area just beyond it, nearer the river.

Michael Couri Peoria, IL

I just saw the proposed schematics for the redevelopment, its absolute garbage!  Theirs something missing; the hook, the draw, the catch. Is Peoria and the council really that braindead? Riverfront Museum- Fail. Marriott Hotel-Fail. Peoria Zoo-Fail. For the most part, your just catering to locals. Locals generate in-house money. Peoria needs to bring in outside money. How do you do that? We need something that catches the eye. Something to bring them into downtown. Their are 3 bridges spanning the riverfront, however nothing screams "check me out." 
Tourists will keep driving right on thru. So, we need a landmark to change that, so they will stop and visit downtown and possibly  explore the rest of Peoria. What is that landmark? A lookout tower similar to the one in Peoria Heights.  A tower tall and colorful to whet their curiousity. A tower that generates $$$ on different levels. Thats what Peoria needs. Thats the hook, the draw and the catch. 


How expensive will it be to maintain complex landscaping in a flood plain every year? Keep it simple. Less concrete, more paver stones. Less fancy playground equipment, and more versatile open space. Put a paver square for small performances in the middle, and invest in fancy benches that won't rust. Surround the square with open grass space (elevated if possible) of different dimensions in every direction. Encase the entire perimeter with small shade trees and a hard surface walkway lined with more seating and potentially with enough room for temporary sidewalk markets and vendors to set up.

If you're itching to spend money build a nice, low-maintenance classic style fountain.

These models look like experimental sampler platters. Look at any European square: paver stones, seating, fountain/sculpture, crowds of people doing absolutely nothing. You're not going to draw anyone down there with a dinky climbing wall, spray fountain, or any attraction that the city can afford to build unless you go the "bizarre attraction" route and do something weird that people actually enjoy...

Britta Kresca Peoria, IL

I wholeheartedly disagree...we already have a Cefcu stage and there is a lot of concrete next to all the bars. There needs to be a family friendly space, and the splash park and climbing wall will absolutely draw families there!! However, something needs to be incorporated hat families could use year-round, such as: indoor water park with slides and lazy river, indoor gaming area like an arcade, Dave & Busters type, indoor playground- much larger than the one at Grand Prairie.


A parking lot, sidewalk or gated event stage are not a square. The suggestion is for a public community space where people can reliably loiter in a social environment. Small groups and vendors could potentially utilize the space, by permit, to freely engage audiences. A multimillion dollar water park or arcade would certainly draw people, but that type of suggestion is straight out of an alternate fiscally unaccountable universe. If you're going to suggest them you might also suggest how we could pay to build and maintain them.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

Imo, THIS one's the better of both proposals. Because it contains the most green space and traditional hardscape. The city also needs to keep in mind that a ' kid friendly ' playground, nowadays, fosters irresponsible parents to leave unattended children there. Suddenly, our riverfront becomes a daycare and subsequent haven for pedophiles. If an emergency crises or tragedies occur, the city's exposed to great liability. Warning signage is ineffective.

This area of our riverfront is flood-prone and subject to occasional water damage.Peoria is not a big city with vast resources. Our, financially-struggling, city needs to seriously consider it's ability to sustain or replace whatever amenities that could be subject to prolonged underwater submersion and susceptible to corrosion. Also, outdated and under-utilized attractions (ex:carousels, climbing walls, etc.) tend to become fads and eventually indicate wasted space that limits better usage. ' Simple elegance ' like Chicago's Grant Park (ex: floral and ornamental gardens, lawn space, broad sidewalks, fountains, etc) endures over kitsch.

Robert Renner Chillicothe, IL

Way too crowded and children-oriented. playground should be as far towards the back (away from the river) as possible. See my Plan B comments. Keep it super simple and as open as possible...less concrete and trees, more grassy areas with benches and picnic tables. and possibly a small observation deck or tower at the back so people could climb up and get a great view of downtown and the river. And the less items that need regular maintenance the sense in making something that will cost a lot to keep up.

Joel Park Morton, IL

I like this plan because of the sidewalk connections. I think that the lower-left quadrant should have a garden like Option B. Too much parking! I don't think you need more parking when most of the park will be used on evenings and weekends when every other parking lot and space downtown will be completely empty. I think the hills on the plan will keep it interesting, too.

Lori Rustom Peoria, IL

I think a lot of the parking is being provided on the behalf of the Spirit of Peoria, who has been very vocal about the loss of parking under the current platform negatively impacting his business

Unknown Account Peoria, IL

The splash pad is a great summer attraction for families, as is the playground area. Not so confident in the climbing wall, which might break up sight lines. Overall a pretty god layout that would accommodate open sitting areas for watching small live performances or the 4th of July fireworks.

James Boston Peoria, IL

Is likely to attract more people downtown as it has an emphasis on family activities, which fits well with the museum campus.

Britta Kresca Peoria, IL

Design A chooses to include not only a conventional playground but a splash park and climbing wall. Option B has more rolling hills and space that isn't be fully utilized. There will still be enough seating and picnic area with the sunken lawn in design A.