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Food Truck Court

Peoria, IL
Food Truck Court

Provide a gathering place with tables and restrooms in green area for food carts and food trucks. This would allow a variety of choices in a relaxed atmosphere. Rent the slips for vendors for parking. The area would be flood safe with the mobility of the vendors. Maybe even have spaces for flea market type vendors. Maybe include a farmer's market, local art and other recreational ideas? Built in bags stations for tournaments is another possibility.

Colt Sandberg Peoria, IL

This SHOULD be the easiest implementation of ANYTHING. So many locations to choose from for permanent sustainable spots.

Breanna Del Toro Peoria, IL

I agree. Would love to see this implemented.

Michelle M North Pekin, IL

I loved this when I went on a trip to Austin, TX. They have different food trailer parks with picnic tables in the courtyard area.