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Gourmet Food Truck Courtyard

Peoria, IL
Gourmet Food Truck Courtyard

Infrastructure for a food truck courtyard could enable a variety of food to be served in the area with ability to move structures easily if flooding occurred. Perhaps this would have to be adjacent to the park, depending on the development guidelines.

Jamie Jo Peoria, IL

The $2,000 plus in fees to park a food truck on public property downtown would have to be reevaluated.

This would be another way to support small businesses and a confidence builder for young entreprenuers looking to start a business..a nice boost to the local economy and to help generate tax revenues.

Chris Setti Peoria, IL

Why is this campaign important to your neighborhood? (Your statement will be added to the comment section)

Mark Wilson Morton, IL

I did not see this when I submitted my idea. I looked before I posted. :-)

John Tuccillo Peoria, IL

A vendor court would go good with the concept of gaming/recreation areas.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

A potentially less expensive alternative to food trucks featured in a recent New York Times article - "Somewhere Between a Food Truck and a Food Tent, You’ll Find a Cubert" Here is the Cubert website: