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Allow New Accessory Dwelling Units

Antioch, IL
Allow New Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are commonly referred to as “carriage houses,” “granny flats,” and “in-law apartments”. They are structures typically located at the rear of a lot and provide space for a small residential unit or home office. ADUs could be above a garage or at ground level.

ADUs improve the diversity of housing options that support a walkable community, locally-serving retail, public transportation options, and the concept of aging in place.

View the following links to see how the new zoning ordinance (DRAFT) addresses accessory dwelling units:

Locations >>
Height Limits >>
Bulk & Density >>
Percentage of the Yard >>
Construction Sequence >>
Special Permits >>

jay klosinski Antioch, IL

This would promote families as well as affordable rentals to help owners afford their homes. Especially with high taxes.

Michael Garrigan Antioch, IL


Thank you for your comments. We continue to work on language that would potentially regulate accessory dwelling units.

I’m a senior living in my own house and it has become too much for me. I have a back yard big enough to build a small house and I feel it would be very beneficial for me. This would help a lot of people in the area to be able to help their families.

Michael Garrigan Antioch, IL

Marjorie: Thank you for this thoughtful comment.

I would not want to encourage more rentals

betty sprovieri Antioch, IL

Betty Sprovieri

Would like to support our aging population with these.