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Warehouse District Parking

Peoria, IL
Warehouse District Parking

The City should address parking issues in the Warehouse District to promote further development. On-street parking is adequate to meet current demand. However, with new businesses opening up this year, like Zion Coffee, and those soon to come parking will be an issue for businesses and developers. We already have 128 new residential units that will be opening this year and parking will be an increasing issue for future development of residential units as well as retail/commercial development. Parking solutions need to promote pedestrian traffic, therefore unique designs that encourage rather than discourage pedestrian corridors would be best. There are many examples of attractive and inviting parking structures available.

Heather Soviar Peoria, IL

I think parking is a big reason why people avoid downtown.

Darren Graves Peoria, IL

I believe parking garages/lots should blend in with the surrounding area. The deck can be modern, but should have the facade of the surrounding buildings during the day and perhaps something colorful or simply the outlining of thresholds (windows) at night.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

" OMG! " Your suggestion is so ' after my own heart ' . I've long dreaded Peoria's, hideous and over-scaled, above-ground parking decks. Those resulted from past city administration officials fear of imposing aesthetic requirements as in more architecturally-conscious and demanding cities like Chicago. Fear of offending and scuttling potential development prevented past administrations from having courage. As a result, most of our downtown parking structures resemble Soviet-era housing.

Colt Sandberg Peoria, IL

Free parking and pedestrianized areas are a mandate.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

Peorians have gotten lazier and spoiled by mall parking, since the 1970's. Most snub mass transit for a myriad of reasons. But, downtowns were built for pedestrians. For someone to use ' parking ' as an excuse to go to Downtown Peoria is absurd and a ruse. I guarantee, within five years, multitudes of people in Central Illinois will be frequenting and residing there.

But, I like the idea of visually-attractive parking structures. LED covered parking could, possibly, be developed and funded through some form of advertising/promotional arrangements. Rather than seeing mundane brick and concrete utilitarian structures, Peoria could have it's own version of Time Square.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

*** TYPO *** Should had read, ".... as an excuse to avoid Downtown.... "

Megan Gorsuch Peoria, IL

Multi-use/multi-purpose parking could be utilized to both provide additional parking and additional space for activities. Parking could be constructed in a way that it could be used for festivals, food trucks, or even converted into a skate rink or other activities. Instead of just having concrete or brick areas that are unsightly, the space could be constructed in a way where it could be multi-purpose.

Across from the sealtest building is a vacant lot..a building once stood there that was torn down a couple of years ago..that would be an ideal spot for a parking could be big enough to address parking for Dozer Park during events and baseball games.

Appreciate the work of the DDC to help improve parking in the warehouse district. A combination of surface lots and attractive parking/retail structures that blend into the surrounding streetscape and buildings will help us address short-term and long-term parking requirements.