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Warehouse District Parking

Peoria, IL
Warehouse District Parking

The City should address parking issues in the Warehouse District to promote further development. On-street parking is adequate to meet current demand. However, with new businesses opening up this year, like Zion Coffee, and those soon to come parking will be an issue for businesses and developers. We already have 128 new residential units that will be opening this year and parking will be an increasing issue for future development of residential units as well as retail/commercial development. Parking solutions need to promote pedestrian traffic, therefore unique designs that encourage rather than discourage pedestrian corridors would be best. There are many examples of attractive and inviting parking structures available.

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Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

THIS issue is commonplace in, rapidly, gentrifying neighborhoods. NYC's, booming, Meatpacking District and Chicago's Fulton Market neighborhoods are experiencing it on a much larger scale than Peoria.... In the words of an old saying, " It goes with the territory. "