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The Dunkin Donut Project: Site Plan w. Aerial Image (Version 1)

Plainfield, IL
The Dunkin Donut Project: Site Plan w. Aerial Image (Version 1)

Proposed Project Name: The Dunkin Donut Project
Location: Directly south of the existing Walgreens at the corner of Main Street + Division Street
Proposed By: Lee Fry Companies, Inc.
Date Submitted: February 10, 2014
Status: Declined by the Plan Commission on March 4, 2014. The development team is making revisions.

Let us know what you think about this proposed project.

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Philip Buchanan Plainfield, IL

This is a prominent area of the village and deserves architecture reflecting this. Dunkin Donuts and this design isn’t it. Our Vision seeks something memorable, something that honors our past and looks towards the future.

Why can't this photo be enlarged? No one can see any details.

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Hi Sue - Thanks for the suggestion. We have enlarged this site plan (with aerial photograph) so that it is easier to view. We have done the same for the site plan (without the aerial photograph).

I don't support this idea, no more dunkin

We need something different. A nice little quaint coffee shop, or a little sandwich shoppe. Something with some character.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

As I study the plans of this potential development, what I have noticed is that nowhere does it share how customers will be entering and exiting or the negative impact it will bring to Arnold and Oak Street. Nowhere does it describe that the only way to get into the Dunkin Donuts would be to add an entrance/exit on Arnold Street which is a very narrow street in a residential area, with many children. It doesn’t explain that the drive-thru is also located on the residential side of the plaza (which happens to be in the back of the purposed development so that it will not be “visually displeasing” to the cars on route 59). Obviously, there is also no explanation of how the car lights will be shining right into the homes along our street at early morning and late night hours. It is through attending the Village Hall meetings that I now see the major negative impact this proposed plan is going to have on our neighborhood. Essentially this plan will turn our neighborhood into a “mini Route 59”. I am not interested in the color of bricks and mortar nor the awnings over the windows. You will see that my concerns go much deeper than that. My concerns are about what is really important;
1. Safety of our children…riding bikes, playing in the neighborhood, walking to and from school
2. Decreased Property Values and livability in our neighborhood
3. The inability for services and emergency vehicles to reach every house within a reasonable time
4. The inability to get in and out of our driveways during “peak times” for Dunkin Donut
5. Excessive noise pollution (from the drive thru and additional traffic) and air pollution (from the donuts being prepared in the early morning and all day)
6. Rodent infestation due to the close proximity of our homes and the restaurant and the continuous need to empty garbage dumpsters
7. Increased traffic and large delivery and garbage trucks which essentially turns our residential street into a “mini route 59”
Allowing Dunkin Donuts to be built in this area will also have a negative impact on the entire community which should not be overlooked! The excessive noise, rats, cockroaches, cooking exhaust fumes, trash issues, violations of residential parking; and early morning deliveries with double parking of large delivery trucks are all major concerns.
Our neighborhood cannot absorb the quality of life issues and safety issues this development would create, not to mention the impact on property values. We purchased downtown Plainfield because we love the character and quaintness of this town! That character is what we all cherish and why we have chosen to be a part of this community. Adding a Dunkin Donut will be the tipping point that changes a vibrant neighborhood into an unreasonable environment where no one wants to live.
I am hopeful that the elected officials are looking at the full traffic implications of the Dunkin Donuts decision, especially for village residents, many of them elderly, who often walk to their destination. We are already “coexisting” with a number of food establishments and feel there is no need to bring in this cookie-cutter franchise. A Dunkin Donuts franchise, with a Drive-Thru, would be a huge step backwards for all of us who are a part of this community!
I remember the excitement when Mr. Garrigan discussed the award winning “Vision on Division” and all the positive interest from the Plainfield residents. This future “Historical Vision would continue to keep the character of our town, through the coming years”! The Dunkin Donuts was NOT a part of that vision.
Mr. Garrigan was quoted as saying;
"It was phenomenal," he said of the ideas that were submitted. "It really enforced what people wanted, which at the end of the day is great planning."
"They don't want the same-old same-old…an auto-oriented strip center," Garrigan said. "They want to preserve the character of downtown Plainfield."
I agree with you Mr. Garrigan! Let’s stick to that original plan! It is truly beautiful and something we can ALL be proud of!

jill wiitanen Plainfield, IL

I so agree with all of these points. Traffic is bad enough. No matter where someone exits or enters this business, it will interfere with traffic already backed up during peak times. The Dunkin North of town is never that busy inside. I live by that one. Mostly the drive up is used. Then we have another Dunkin North of that with the Shell station... How many do we REALLY need... Stop looking at the money brought in by tax dollars. I would rather pay more and have a nice looking Downtown that brings visitors and one of a kind businesses , than have to look at just another brick building with ugly lettering. Same ol', same ol'. Have some vision. Walgreens was bad enough. Be proactive, work on traffic flow before adding another problem. One thing Plainfield does not do much of that other growing communities do is to build access streets along main road ways to access shopping areas. Building parking lot access directly off a main road causes traffic delays and accidents. Especially when it is 30 ft from an intersection, such as with a corner gas station or bank (which we have too many of those too). Gas is expensive enough. So much of it is wasted in traffic jams due to poor planning of someone else that becomes everyones problem. Nix this DD idea !

Mike Bortel Plainfield, IL

I do not believe that this development is in the best interests of the people who live in this neighborhood nor for the Village Of Plainfield. There will be increased traffic especially in the AM and with that traffic will come more noise, glaring automobile lights and traffic congestion. There is going to be such an intensive concentration of businesses on such a small parcel and with increased traffic especially in the early morning hours, the people living in the adjacent neighborhood are not going to like their new neighbors. This area is designated as a BTD zone and the previous house that once occupied this site would have been an ideal candidate for an adaptive re-use for a business but once the Walgreen's was finished the owners of the site where the white house stood could only see gobs of money and proceeded to raze the house so they could sell the property to a developer that would try to put up an unappealing looking building. Since this is essentially a neighborhood where people live and kids play, there needs to be a "Vision" for this project rather than placing a square bland looking Dunkin Donuts drive-thru! Access to the downtown business district is currently limited and developing this small corner parcel with an intensive business plan will in all likelihood reduce that access even more. The "Vision for Division" suggested that new structures that were to be built on land that once had houses on them but that are now vacant should look more like the structures that they will be replacing rather than creating a "strip mall" look. The developers need to find an architect who has a better "VISION" who can create something pleasing to the eye and to the neighborhood.

Lisa Schmidt Plainfield, IL

This does not keep with the vision the community has for Division Street. There needs to be a more sophisticated approach to design and consciousness to the neighborhood context.
As a local Architect, this type of disregard to the surrounding neighborhood, traffic flow, and lack of aesthetic is NOT what the Village of Plainfield needs or wants.

Lynn Quinn Plainfield, IL

Agree, with Theresa Scarcelli's comments. I also feel that small parcel of land and access to it will make a congested area more congested. I try to avoid that
intersection due to the amount of traffic at anytime of the day. I also do not want another Dunkin Donuts how about a business catering to entertaining children? A Little Gym, My Gym, pottery painting studio, etc. Suggest following Naperville's lead....they are doing something right there as they continue to pull in families and think outside the box.

Jacob Little Plainfield, IL

I would prefer green space or a locally-owned business instead of another chain.

Tiffany Campione Warrensburg, MO

I do not support this project. Has anyone considered how the traffic to this area will affect the children's safety? I believe this would be an absolute destruction to a beautiful historical area in Plainfield.

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

How is this an unbiased brainstorming page when participants have the option to “Support This Idea” but not to “OPPOSE THIS IDEA”? They should not be tracking the number of supporters if they are not also tracking the number of those opposed. Civic ArtWorks should present an unbiased brainstorming page and should correct this IMMEDIATELY.

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

It is important that there be no political opportunity to manipulate the results of this discussion into support of what the community agrees is a bad development plan. I appreciate that your response to my inflammatory post included an explanation for how Village officials and staff should interpret the information.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

I agree with what the majority are saying!!! This is a bad idea!!! Go on youtube and search "Dunkin Donut Rats!" You will be totally grossed out! The videos show first hand why it would be a terrible idea to put this in a residential area! Please No Dunkin Donut in the front yards of the Arnold Street families! We need to stick to the original "Vision for Division" plan that we voted for. Let's keep this Historic town something we can ALL be proud of!! Keep in mind, this is ONLY a half acre parcel of land they are proposing a Dunkin Donut and two other stores plus a parking lot and drive thru!!!

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Hi Candace - Thank you for your comment. We understand your concern, but assure you that Civic ArtWorks takes no stance on this issue (or any others) and has no intention of skewing an issue in the eyes of the community by not including an "Oppose this Idea" option. We believe that positive support can lead to action. We also believe that little or no support (what we equate to "Oppose this Idea") leads to no action. The community's sentiments seem clear, to this point, given the number of Plainfield citizens that have viewed the proposed Dunkin Donuts project and have not supported it -vs- those that have supported it. With all of this said, you are always more than welcome to make comments that describe why you oppose an idea / issue / project. Let us know if this helps.