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The Dunkin Donut Project: Southeast Facing Elevation (Version 1)

Plainfield, IL
The Dunkin Donut Project: Southeast Facing Elevation (Version 1)

Proposed Project Name: The Dunkin Donut Project
Location: Directly south of the existing Walgreens at the corner of Main Street + Division Street
Proposed By: Lee Fry Companies, Inc.
Date Submitted: February 10, 2014
Status: Declined by the Plan Commission on March 4, 2014. The development team is making revisions.

Let us know what you think about this proposed project.

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Michelle Kelly Plainfield, IL

After reviewing the proposed site plan, it appears a number of important elements including, pedestrian sidewalks along Route 59, landscaping on most sides of the development, outdoor public spaces such as café seating, benches and even bicycle racks are missing. The development uses every square inch of the lot for parking, signage or building. There is no room to have the nice aesthetics that the Vision for Division focused on. Additionally, where is the architecture that fits the historic neighborhood. The architect should not be taking ques from the Walgreens, but from the quant homes on Arnold that give Plainfield a warm and welcoming feel. Finally, a drive thru against residential neighbors is wrong in any part of our Village. The new Starbucks drive-thru across the street at 59 and 126 can be heard in the neighbor’s yards and sometimes even inside the homes when windows are shut. Please start this development over with a new site plan and new architecture. Thanks for the opportunity.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

Spiro, I bet if it were in your front yard you would feel differently! Instead of a quiet side street this Dunkin Donut would turn our street into a "mini route 59". There are other locations that are better suited for this and would cause no negative affects to residents. Traffic reports show that there could be as many as 178 cars per half hour in the early morning! This is not only going to be difficult for our neighborhood to maneuver around this huge volume of traffic, it is going to back up traffic on 59 and Oak Street as well. How will the children in our neighborhood get onto the bus when a drive thur has taken the place of their bus stop? I don't dislike Dunkin Donuts but I strongly dislike this potential location!!

Bre Alberico Yorkville, IL

This proposed business takes away from the quaint, quiet/calm, charming feel of the historic downtown Plainfield. Adding this amount of traffic, noise & busyness to Arnold Street will definitely change the attractiveness of this Great town & make it much less appealing. Not to mention, the safety concerns for families with little ones & who have little ones who visit often-the possibility of accidents is significantly increased when you talk about adding hundreds of cars each day entering/exiting off Arnold Street. This is a terrible idea & I STRONGLY encourage you to reconsider the location.

Susan de Gala Plainfield, IL

I live no where near this proposed site and therefore would not be inconvenienced by it, however I drive by this site regularly. I feel that a Dunkin Donuts would NOT be worth the increased traffic congestion in the area and the obvious reduction in neighborhood home values. Also, as many commenters have suggested, if the area were to be developed I think something that brings some value to the Plainfield community aesthetically - and that something is certainly not a Dunkin Donuts.

Mike Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

My home is directly across the street (Arnold) from the proposed development. I oppose this proposed plan for several reasons. First, the huge volume of traffic generated by the Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru and 'inside' customers will be a terrible safety hazard to the children of the neighborhood. Also, this residential street is simply not capable of handling the overwhelming traffic congestion that would become an issue all day, every day. To clarify, the only entrance and exit to this proposed site, including the Drive-Thru, is on Arnold Street. I recently observed the Shorewood Dunkin Donuts and recorded the number of vehicles using the Drive-Thru. On a Friday morning, from 6:30 to 8:00 AM, 178 vehicles used the Drive-Thru. On a Sunday afternoon, from 1:30 to 2:00, 37 vehicles used the Drive-Thru. It makes no sense to add 1-2 vehicles per minute to this quiet neighborhood street. In addition, the noise created by the Drive-Thru customers and attendants would be extremely loud, waking everyone up from 6:00 in the morning and keeping everyone awake until 10:00 at night, if it is not a 24 Hour restaurant. Plus, the headlights of the vehicles would shine directly into the windows of our home. Finally, if this proposed development were approved, our home's value would be significantly reduced. We are grateful that the Plan Commissioners voted not to recommend this proposed plan. Now, we are hopeful that the Village Trustees and our Mayor do not vote to approve this proposed development. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

How is this an unbiased brainstorming page when participants have the option to “Support This Idea” but not to “OPPOSE THIS IDEA”? They should not be tracking the number of supporters if they are not also tracking the number of those opposed. Civic ArtWorks should present an unbiased brainstorming page and should correct this IMMEDIATELY.

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Hi Candace - Thank you for your comment. We understand your concern, but assure you that Civic ArtWorks takes no stance on this issue (or any others) and has no intention of skewing an issue in the eyes of the community by not including an "Oppose this Idea" option. We believe that positive support can lead to action. We also believe that little or no support (what we equate to "Oppose this Idea") leads to no action. The community's sentiments seem clear, to this point, given the number of Plainfield citizens that have viewed the proposed Dunkin Donuts project and have not supported it -vs- those that have supported it. With all of this said, you are always more than welcome to make comments that describe why you oppose an idea / issue / project. Let us know if this helps.

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

It is important that there be no political opportunity to manipulate the results of this discussion into support of what the community agrees is a bad development plan. I appreciate that your response to my inflammatory post included an explanation for how Village officials and staff should interpret the information.

Spiro Garbis Plainfield, IL

This is a perfect spot for a Dunkin Donuts to be! I like to see Baskin Robbins go with it? A drive thru would make it convenient. But, there's no doubt that would be a successful location.

Mike Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I feel I must make another comment. If anyone feels this proposed development would have a 'positive' impact, I strongly suggest he/she spends some time at the site. I believe that the person's opinion would change, especially if he/she observed traffic during the so-called 'peak' times. There are much better sites in Plainfield for this type of development.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

I agree with what the majority are saying!!! This is a bad idea!!! Go on youtube and search "Dunkin Donut Rats!" You will be totally grossed out! The videos show first hand why it would be a terrible idea to put this in a residential area! Please No Dunkin Donut in the front yards of the Arnold Street families! We need to stick to the original "Vision for Division" plan that we voted for. Let's keep this Historic town something we can ALL be proud of!!