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The Dunkin Donut Project: Site Plan (Version 2)

Plainfield, IL
The Dunkin Donut Project: Site Plan (Version 2)

Project Name: The Dunkin Donut Project
Location: Directly south of the existing Walgreens at the corner of Main Street + Division Street
Proposed By: Lee Fry Companies, Inc.
Date Submitted: May 12, 2014
Status: To be presented at the Plan Commission on May 20, 2014 at 7pm (Village Hall - 24401 West Lockport Street, Plainfield, Illinois).

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While the architecture is somewhat better, the site plan is still a typical strip center and does not embrace the street as outlined in the Vision for Division. I would prefer to see a concept that had at least a portion of the building fronting on Route 59 and/or Oak Street. Parking could be between Walgreen's and this building along the side.

You are 100% correct. While all the traffic, congestion, safety and overall quality of life concerns are valid for the nearby residents, the most blatant and non-debatable problem is that the architecture does not match that outlined in the Vision for Division, which shows new buildings on this corridor fronting 59 and having their access and parking in the rear. Why is something other than that even being suggested, when that is what is clearly in the plan? What was the point of making such a plan (the Vision) if it is going to be completely ignored? While the Village will clearly have to weigh all the potential pros and cons of locating a business such as this at this location, the building and lot set-up should not be up for debate as the Vision has already decided that.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

Our neighborhood should not have to absorb the quality of life and safety issues this development would create, not to mention the impact on property values. Allowing Dunkin Donuts to be built in this residential area will have a negative impact on the entire neighborhood! The excessive noise, rats, cockroaches, cooking exhaust fumes, trash issues; and early morning deliveries with large delivery and garbage trucks are all major concerns. No longer will this be a “child friendly”, safe place to raise a family. As we Speak, there is a sign posted in our neighborhood that reads, “SLOW, CHILDREN PLAYING”. Obviously that sign would have to be taken down if our street becomes a “mini Rt 59”. Adding a Dunkin Donut would be the tipping point that changes a vibrant neighborhood into an unreasonable environment where no one wants to live. No Dunkin Donut please!