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The Dunkin Donut Project: Site Plan (Version 1)

Plainfield, IL
The Dunkin Donut Project: Site Plan (Version 1)

Project Name: The Dunkin Donut Project
Location: Directly south of the existing Walgreens at the corner of Main Street + Division Street
Proposed By: Lee Fry Companies, Inc.
Date Submitted: February 10, 2014
Status: Declined by the Plan Commission on March 4, 2014. The development team is making revisions.

Let us know what you think about this proposed project.

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I believe traffic on that corner is already very congested and adding 3 new businesses there is a bad idea. The fact that it is a Dunkin donuts does not bother me but the location is the problem.

It seems unnecessary to add another Dunkin Donuts to the area, especially at that corner. The congestion is bad already, especially with the train tracks beyond Route 59 and the US 30 corridor traffic. The only way to safely enter that area is by heading south on Route 59 or by heading east on Main street.

I just moved into the neighborhood and have two small children. This site is directly across the street from my home. As of right now I feel safe bringing groceries into my house with the kids playing in my driveway that faces oak st. If there is a dunkin donuts or anything similar, the traffic will be awful,Multiple unfamiliar cars will be around our kids,not to mention walking to a bus stop would be less safe. The Walgreens on the corner is a headache to get in and out of and I've encountered many near accidents. I feel for the safety if our children we should not agree on this plan. We should also be supporting local businesses to keep money in our community and not keep giving it away to corporate America.

Are you my new neighbor that was stuck in the snow? Please join us in campaigning about this. We attended the board meeting on Monday. The next meeting is April 7. Please bring your whole family.

The fact that this is even being proposed is an insult to the entire community, especially to those of us who took the time to provide comments and insight into the original Vision. This project, or any like it, have no place in this area of the Village. I hear the Planning Commission has recommended denial of the Project. Let's hope the Trustees (most of whom aren't very smart and get all giddy when they smell money) listen to their professionals and follow suit.

Below is the letter that I posted to our Village Board.

Dear Mr. Garrigan, Village President Collins and Village Trustees:
I attended the Village Board meeting on Monday night with my husband, Ken and my daughter, Mackenzie. I live at 14928 S. Arnold, which is located at the intersection of Arnold and Oak Streets. (We are the white house on the corner.) During the board meeting, my husband expressed concern over the possible construction of a Dunkin Donuts plaza on Route 59, Arnold and Oak Street. As stated at the meeting, there are several (16+)small children who reside on Arnold Street or Oak Street. This location also happens to be the bus stop for Central Elementary School. In addition, there are many elderly residents who walk everywhere in town.
I'd like to tell you about the current traffic situation on my corner. We have yield signs on Oak Street, which gives the drivers on Arnold Street the right of way. Most drivers blow through these yield signs with no regard to possible oncoming traffic. We have witnessed SEVERAL near accidents and quite a few actual collisions. Just yesterday, there was a verbal altercation between two drivers on our corner because one driver did not yield and the vehicles almost collided. This sort of thing happens on a daily basis. I cannot imagine how much these incidents would increase with a retail establishment located on the corner. I understand that this is a quality piece of land. It would make an excellent spot for a professional office, such as a doctor or dentist. But to bring in a drive-through would truly be a mistake.
I am asking each of you to actually drive to this location and see what I'm talking about. Come and sit on our front porch and watch the traffic!
I am a native Plainfield resident. I grew up in this house; and I moved back into this home with the hope of providing my daughter with the type of childhood that I had. I want to live in a safe neighborhood where the children don't have to be afraid to play in the front yard. I want to watch my daughter ride her bike down the sidewalk on Arnold Street without worrying about a car jumping the curb. I don't want to see giant trash dumpsters and neon lights or hear the drive-through speaker when I sit on my front porch.
Please consider voting no on this proposal at the next board meeting. Aren't families and quality of life more important than yet another coffee shop?
Thank you for your time.
Susan (Crook) Hurley

Love the idea of adding retail but not DD. There are already several nearby.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

As I study the plans of this potential development, what I have noticed is that nowhere does it share how customers will be entering and exiting or the negative impact it will bring to Arnold and Oak Street. Nowhere does it describe that the only way to get into the Dunkin Donuts would be to add an entrance/exit on Arnold Street which is a very narrow street in a residential area, with many children. It doesn’t explain that the drive-thru is also located on the residential side of the plaza (which happens to be in the back of the purposed development so that it will not be “visually displeasing” to the cars on route 59). Obviously, there is also no explanation of how the car lights will be shining right into the homes along our street at early morning and late night hours. It is through attending the Village Hall meetings that I now see the major negative impact this proposed plan is going to have on our neighborhood. Essentially this plan will turn our neighborhood into a “mini Route 59”. I am not interested in the color of bricks and mortar nor the awnings over the windows. You will see that my concerns go much deeper than that. My concerns are about what is really important;
1. Safety of our children…riding bikes, playing in the neighborhood, walking to and from school
2. Decreased Property Values and livability in our neighborhood
3. The inability for services and emergency vehicles to reach every house within a reasonable time
4. The inability to get in and out of our driveways during “peak times” for Dunkin Donut
5. Excessive noise pollution (from the drive thru and additional traffic) and air pollution (from the donuts being prepared in the early morning and all day)
6. Rodent infestation due to the close proximity of our homes and the restaurant and the continuous need to empty garbage dumpsters
7. Increased traffic and large delivery and garbage trucks which essentially turns our residential street into a “mini route 59”
Allowing Dunkin Donuts to be built in this area will also have a negative impact on the entire community which should not be overlooked! The excessive noise, rats, cockroaches, cooking exhaust fumes, trash issues, violations of residential parking; and early morning deliveries with double parking of large delivery trucks are all major concerns.
Our neighborhood cannot absorb the quality of life issues and safety issues this development would create, not to mention the impact on property values. We purchased downtown Plainfield because we love the character and quaintness of this town! That character is what we all cherish and why we have chosen to be a part of this community. Adding a Dunkin Donut will be the tipping point that changes a vibrant neighborhood into an unreasonable environment where no one wants to live.
I am hopeful that the elected officials are looking at the full traffic implications of the Dunkin Donuts decision, especially for village residents, many of them elderly, who often walk to their destination. We are already “coexisting” with a number of food establishments and feel there is no need to bring in this cookie-cutter franchise. A Dunkin Donuts franchise, with a Drive-Thru, would be a huge step backwards for all of us who are a part of this community!
I remember the excitement when Mr. Garrigan discussed the award winning “Vision on Division” and all the positive interest from the Plainfield residents. This future “Historical Vision would continue to keep the character of our town, through the coming years”! The Dunkin Donuts was NOT a part of that vision.
Mr. Garrigan was quoted as saying;
"It was phenomenal," he said of the ideas that were submitted. "It really enforced what people wanted, which at the end of the day is great planning."
"They don't want the same-old same-old…an auto-oriented strip center," Garrigan said. "They want to preserve the character of downtown Plainfield."
I agree with you Mr. Garrigan! Let’s stick to that original plan! It is truly beautiful and something we can ALL be proud of!

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

I oppose this project. I also have two comments. First, I am disappointed in my Village’s officials and staff for even considering this project. The proposed plans are in no way consistent with the Vision summarized by earlier community responses. Knowing the community comments, officials and staff should have felt confident to reject this project outright. Second, how is this an unbiased brainstorming page when participants have the option to “Support This Idea” but not to “OPPOSE THIS IDEA”? They should not be tracking the number of supporters if they are not also tracking the number of those opposed. Civic ArtWorks should present an unbiased brainstorming page and should correct this IMMEDIATELY.

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Hi Candace - Thank you for your comment. We understand your concern, but assure you that Civic ArtWorks takes no stance on this issue (or any others) and has no intention of skewing an issue in the eyes of the community by not including an "Oppose this Idea" option. We believe that positive support can lead to action. We also believe that little or no support (what we equate to "Oppose this Idea") leads to no action. The community's sentiments seem clear, to this point, given the number of Plainfield citizens that have viewed the proposed Dunkin Donuts project and have not supported it -vs- those that have supported it. With all of this said, you are always more than welcome to make comments that describe why you oppose an idea / issue / project. Let us know if this helps.

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

It is important that there be no political opportunity to manipulate the results of this discussion into support of what the community agrees is a bad development plan. I appreciate that your response to my inflammatory post included an explanation for how Village officials and staff should interpret the information.

Julie Meyer Wetsell Plainfield ,

I have lived downtown Plainfield for most of my life. I love that it still feels like the small town it used to be. I opposed the Dunkin Donuts idea a couple of years ago when they wanted it to be where the Starbucks is now. I do not think that putting in a 24/7 establishment with glaring neon lights at the busiest intersection in town is the right idea. My family lives to walk and ride our bikes to the Village Green and all the shops on Lockport St. I really don't think we will feel as safe if there is such a restaurant on that corner. I hope the Village takes all of our comments into consideration. Let's keep some of the character in our town!

Seriously think about the location you are proposing! It is wrong at all levels! I think you clearly hear all the opinions against this location - Do what is right for the families that have homes directly near this proposed site and think - would you want this in your front yard? The answer is I am sure NO! Do not put this Dunkin Donuts here - Pick another location - put it in the street front down town - No drive thru's. Actually make people walk to get a donut - maybe they will get some exercise while they are at it! TERRIBLE IDEA!!! Listen to the people -

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

The Village must strike a balance between supporting business development and preserving the charming, historic atmosphere in our downtown area. The Village has taken proactive measures to plan for this balance by hiring design and planning firms to develop strategies for development. The proposed site plan for the development of the Triangle Shoppe is in direct conflict with these strategies.

The Village of Plainfield Comprehensive Plan Update, approved April 1, 2013, Ordinance #3105, specifically identifies this lot as an “Infill development” and recommends “The architecture and site design of this infill development should be reflective of surrounding homes and the historic downtown, with buildings placed near the street.”

The Village accepted awards for the “Vision for Division” project. The “Vision” included landscaping techniques to reflect a rural community character (hedgerows, landscaped buffers) and improved pedestrian access (access to business that is not through a parking lot).

The Triangle Shoppe’s location requires a site plan that compromises between an auto-oriented retail center and our pedestrian-friendly downtown area. This site should be used as a transition between these two extremes. The need for a transition business will not go away. If Village staff and officials approve an auto-oriented retail development adjacent to residential properties, the need will simply move closer to our charming downtown area.

I am not opposed to Dunkin Donuts. However, I am opposed to the proposed development plans. The business developing this site must embrace the transitional needs of this location. The fact that Dunkin Donuts doesn’t want to compromise on the awning color makes me doubt they will be able to truly compromise and propose a plan that meets the needs of this location.

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

Thoughts for the 5/20/14 Plan Commission Meeting:
To garner more public support and enable Village Staff to require development meet the “Residential Infill Design Guidelines (April 2009)”, the site should be rezoned as “BT”…not “B-3”.
- The Triangle Shoppe is currently zoned as residential “R-1”. The site must be rezoned to be developed.
- Village planning documents recommend the site be developed as “infill development” or transition development, requiring rezoning as “BT” Business Transition Designation.
- The site is currently being proposed to be rezoned to a Highway Business District “B-3”. This should not be acceptable to Village Staff as it does not conform to Village planning documents.

Mike Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

I don't want to start an argument with Bruce, but I do want to point something out. The comment about people 'reading and heeding the signs' is interesting. If you drive to the corner of Arnold and Oak, in addition to the 'Yield' sign referenced above, you'll see another sign posted. It says SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY! I urge residents to take a few minutes to drive through this neighborhood. I agree that tax revenue is important for the Village, but there are much better locations for a development like the one being proposed here.

Dunkin Donuts, or any other similar commercial use for this site is reasonable. The problem is the site plan and design - which would appear to ignore the earlier Vision for Division work. The proposal is to fit a typical strip center into the downtown environment, and as can be seen from the other comments this just does not work. The Site Plan should be reworked to fit the guidelines of the plan - or rejected if the applicant is not willing to adjust their plan to fit the context of this unique site. Specifically, pushing the building closer to Route 59 and placing parking to the side or rear. The architecture should also be reworked to fit the character of the downtown.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

I find it to be ironic that right where they want to put the entrance/exit there is now a sign that say "SLOW...CHILDREN PLAYING"! How could anyone take that sign down, only to replace it with hundreds of cars coming and going each day! This in a neighborhood, not the business district!

Heath Wright Plainfield, IL

This site plan does not include a buffer between walkable residential and car based commercial. The edges of our downtown neighborhoods continue to be nibbled away. Allowing 24-hour drive through traffic in this configuration will make it difficult to live across the street from this development. Not too long ago these homes were a block off of a narrower Rt59. Now they are at the service area and driveway of a building’s backside. This development pattern can be seen throughout the region along Rt 59, Rt 30 and that like. It is not friendly to neighborhoods or pedestrians. A revised plan that borrows from the new urbanism elements and BTD zoning that is already in our ordinances would be a better long term fit.

Mike Bortel Plainfield, IL

Can you change the webpage so the site plan can be enlarged when people are trying to view it?

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Hi Mike - Thanks for the suggestion. We have enlarged the site plan so that it is easier to view. We will do the same for the site plan that includes the aerial photograph.

Bruce Trevillian Plainfield, IL

The corner and people who do not follow signs that are put up for a purpose, need to read and heed. If it tells you NOT to turn left and you do, you are the one who would be responable for causing the accident. People GET a life, if you like paying HIGH TAXES, don't let this project pass, but new business in and contribute to the tax base. The field on the south side of 59 accross from the church was to be the Jewel Food store that the village said no to and now Joliet is collecting the tax money.If you as home owners around that area want less traffic, open up 143 to 126 and out to 55, that is why there is so muv
ch traffic.