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Solar bike paths

Chicago, IL
Solar bike paths

A solar bike path like the one in the netherlands. the solaroad features concrete slabs embedded with solar panels to convert energy from the sun into electricity for the grid.
the solaroad project has been in the works since 2009, when the netherlands organization for applied scientific research (tno), led a team of road construction and technical service providers to explore the solar potential of holland's roads. it estimates that the 140,000 km (87,000 mi) of roads in the country provide between 400 and 500 km sq (154 - 193 mi sq) of surface area that could potentially be tapped for solar power.

solaroad is not the first project aimed at turning roads and pathways into energy-harvesting surfaces. this year the us-based solar roadways team has been gathering steam in its bid to replace regular asphalt with solar panels. the company received a contract to develop a prototype of its solution, which it then followed up on with an operational solar power parking lots.

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Alternative solar power is useful to everyone!

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