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Install a food waste sorting station for Northside's outdoor seating area

Chicago, IL
Install a food waste sorting station for Northside's outdoor seating area

Northside College Prep currently sorts food waste into recycling, compost, food share, liquids, and trash. The trash is simply sent to landfills, negatively affecting the environment. Students love to eat outdoors, but commonly don't bring their trash inside and sort it. If we could install a food waste sorting station outside, it would greatly reduce the amount of Northside's waste ending up in landfills.

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Resty Fufunan Chicago, IL

Love this! It would be really nice to not have to go inside to sort my food :)

Love this idea! How much would it cost?

David Zhou Chicago, IL

This idea would be so good for our community at Northside.

Ayesha Qazi Chicago, IL

This would be a neat way for faculty and students to be forced to think about their waste

Thad Smith Chicago, IL

School garbage cans eat better than 50% of the children in this world, nice to see young minds understanding the loop and how to close part of it!

Joy Scrogum Champaign, IL

So glad you're thinking about these types of issues. Convenience and adequate bins for collection of materials are key factors in improving recycling and composting. You'll want to work with your school's food service and facility maintenance staff to come up with a plan for either moving bins outside temporarily during lunch periods or storing the bins in a secure outdoor area during non-lunch-period times to keep pests out of the food scraps. Bins with secure lids will be important for outdoors. If students could be involved in tending to these outdoor bins, that might help alleviate labor concerns. Also, consider weighing the amount of recycling and composting collected to illustrate the value of your outdoor bins, if they are added. For additional food waste prevention and reduction ideas, see the K-12 schools section of and check out the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition,