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Bird-Window Collisions at Northside College Prep

Chicago, IL
Bird-Window Collisions at Northside College Prep

Northside's vast glass windows pose a major threat to migratory birds as they either see vegetation reflected by the window and believe it is a continuation of their environment or they don't even notice the glass is there. Just this past fall migration season, we recorded over 50 bird deaths due to window collisions. We are seeking funding in order to install Acopian BirdSaver, a series of cords that are taught at the bottom and top of windows, that will deter birds from colliding with windows.

Great idea!

Ayesha Qazi Chicago, IL

critical and needs to install ASAP especially since we have documented birds on the endangered species list that have died as a result of having large window panels that reflect our tree campus

David Zhou Chicago, IL

This is such a great solution to prevent all the bird collisions that happen at Northside

Thad Smith Chicago, IL

Birds are important pollinators and need to be protected from man and his constant need to build things. Pollinator Friendly Project Indeed!