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Teens Save Welles Park

Chicago, IL
Teens Save Welles Park

I want to change the way people treat the outdoors. i want to reduce litter. it makes it dangerous when there is snow outside and people have to walk through it. people should think about others when they are doing something. think about how it hurt others in some way and you. you can get a ticket for that. why do people litter what do they get out of it?
let’s make a club, in welles park, for teens who are willing to help the neighborhood and make sure it is clean. the teen that are in the group will learn to work together as a team and they will make new friends. it will help them get a job in the future.
we should care about the earth because the earth will one day die and there will be nothing. i think that the program i want to make will have the kids go talk to people about pollution and learn about protecting the atmosphere. this will give people who are unemployed a job for them to get back on there feet.