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Lakeview Compost Bin

Chicago, IL
Lakeview Compost Bin

We are Lake View High School LVIA (Lake View Innovation Academy) students, and our plan is to build a hanging compost bin that will be put outside the school next to our football field. The creation of this hanging compost bin can be used to dispose of lunch materials, and other waste used by the school. This project will help reduce the food waste that the school produces. It will also benefit the community by reusing food waste to make the neighborhood look nicer by fertilizing the gardens surrounding the school.

Lindsay Buckwell Chicago, IL

Nicely done! All the DIY bins are super innovating and interesting. I would love to see a photo of the bin once it's built!

I really like this idea and have done something similar for an apartment building I used to live in. The main challenge was educating the users as to what materials can and cannot be composted. The more people that can use the greater the challenge. However, if it's only kitchen staff, then it would be more straightforward. There are many resources that have printable lists that you can probably find online. In addition, you'll need to identify who will maintain the compost. Such as turning it regularly and adding water as needed. Good luck!

Rebecca Sadler Avoca, WI

I'd like to know more about how you plan to use the compost that is generated. You might generate a lot more compost than neighborhood gardens can support.

Marge Anderson Madison, WI

Cool. Next step: raising worms to create amazing soil!

Marge Anderson Madison, WI

Because composting creates better, healthier soil

Deb Dynako Chicago, IL

Composting is an amazing community resource. You could consider letting people use the resulting compost for their own private gardens as well.

Love this idea of composting in schools. Some other CPS schools have began to implement composting and could offer helpful advice on how they got started! I also found this website for a composting guide for CPS schools:

Kathy Kuntz Madison, WI

What a great idea - I love that the compost bin will be visible to everyone - that might help encourage people to use it.

I like the overall design and it's purpose, but I am confused why the bucket has to be hanging, it seems like a misuse of resources.

Explain the severity of the wasted food at lake view.

You should explain why the bin is hanging.

Really good idea! My only concern is how will the compost be distributed to gardens around Lake View? Who will be responsible for this?

I really like this idea, but what we do about the issues of rodents and pests?

Max Roman Chicago, IL

I remember that Lake View used to have a compost area and it would really beneficial for the environment and school if you brought it back.

Awesome idea! I like how this is something I could do with my family at home, and It is a good idea to bring back to the Lake View school community!

So awesome!!

I love any project or idea that helps people of any age take personal stake in environmental sustainability. Hands on learning is the best learning!

Lee Shaver Madison, WI

Neat project! What function does hanging the composter server, rather than just placing it on the ground?

Molly Bauman Delafield, WI

The amount of food that humans waste is obscene and saddening. I can only imagine the amount of waste that is produced at a high school each day. Imagine if composting became common in schools! I haven't seen a hanging compost before either and wondered too about the purpose behind this mechanism. What an innovative and impactful idea to be a part of the movement to implement positive change to protect our environment.