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Stopping Food Waste In Lake View

Chicago, IL
Stopping Food Waste In Lake View

We are making posters to inform families and friends of Lake View community about the issue of throwing food in a food waste bin and the results of that action. Making these posters, we are hoping that students will participate in recycling food items, and will carry that habit into their home and community. We want the posters to show how food waste is beneficial, as a group and as a community, for a better and much more eco friendly environment in which we take good care of the place we live in. To learn more, click link below.

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Kathy Kuntz Madison, WI

As you develop your posters think about how to promote the behaviors you want rather than focusing on the behaviors you don't want. When we focus on bad behaviors (e.g, "everybody leaves the lights on") we actually end up encouraging more people to do those behaviors (if everyone else is doing it...). So instead talk up what you want people to do.

Scott Hackel Madison, WI

I like the idea of creating a different type of bin - maybe ask for some grant funds for supplies to do that? Also, I think it would help your fellow students to know that when they avoid food waste they can (in some cases) save CPS a significant amount of funding, which can be used for improving the school or adding programming. A lot of money is spent on wasted food every year.

Jaziel Juarez Chicago, IL

We have a group already working on the bin. Thank you for your feedback!

Rebecca Sadler Avoca, WI

You may want to check out how other communities around the country are working to tackle food waste. Here's a link to what Oakland CA is doing:

Jaziel Juarez Chicago, IL

Thank you for the link, we will check it out.

Marge Anderson Madison, WI

It would be really interesting to know if educating people to change food prep behaviors at home led to a reduction in food waste at school.

Lindsay Buckwell Chicago, IL

Nicely done - especially the google doc! Would love to see an example of your poster added to it once it's done.

Jaziel Juarez Chicago, IL

We will soon!

Deb Dynako Chicago, IL

Food waste is a big problem throughout most communities. It would be great to also see the whole waste cycle and where compostable materials finally end up: community gardens, etc.

Samson Montes Chicago, IL

Food waste is a big problem everywhere, and I think it is a good problem to try and fix it within our community.

I know that food waste is a big problem in my school that needs to be fixed, and I liked the solutions that you came up with to fix this problem

I like your idea but how will you be able to encourage people to actually take action into helping our planet.

Wow Great work. This can really help keep our city clean and fresh. Nice work and keep it up!

The posters are a nice idea, but try using another way of getting people's attention.

I like the idea of the posters and I think it will catch a lot of attention

Max Roman Chicago, IL

I think poster would be a good idea especially if they are eye catching and make sure there are in good location with foot traffic.

This is a great idea! I wonder if you are also gonna make posters to hang outside of the school? It could also grab the attention of the lake view community. Looking forward to this!

Drew Morrison Chicago, IL

You could use different forms of messaging together to be more effective. Try stationing someone by the bins and posters during lunch periods for the first week or two. They can explain the benefits of separating food waste to other students and show them how to do it. As separating food waste becomes a habit, you can then just rely on the posters as a reminder and guide.

Meghan Sovell Chicago, IL

Because this is an important initiative as the population, and poverty rates, grow, and it's great students want to work on this issue.

Lee Shaver Madison, WI

Great idea! I started sorting food waste in my house and reduced both the quantity and smell of my garbage.

Joy Scrogum Champaign, IL

Great issue to work on. Check out the K-12 schools section at for more ideas to prevent and reduce waste. Also check out the IL Food Scrap Coalition and consider participating in the We Compost program if your school begins composting--see