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Turn the road on the 1700 block of Fletcher into a park

Chicago, IL
Turn the road on the 1700 block of Fletcher into a park

Since the 1700 block of fletcher is basically a one block long road that t's on both ends, mostly used for parking or the random person that speeds down it because they are on the wrong street. it would be great tear out the roads and sidewalks making the middle a park. to replace all of the parking, we could add parking to both ends of the block. it would improve property values, give more green space for kids to play and families to connect, would reduce the heat island effect, reduce rain water run off and reduce pollution.

imagine a big park out where the street used to be with benches, trees, play areas and a community garden. it would unite both sides of the block instead of having a street divide it. we could set an example for the rest of the city by reducing our environmental foot print and getting to know our neighbors.

if you support this idea, please do so above, but if you don't like the idea, please comment what you don't like so we can try to find a solution.

Milton Dixon Ann Arbor, MI

This would be a great precedent to set in Chicago.

John Krause Chicago, IL

Some day we'll have blocks like this spread throughout every neighborhood. I hope you're able to give us a first example.