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A new park in the west loop where dogs and children are not allowed

Chicago, IL

It would be nice to have a quiet park without dog poop or screaming, running, crying kids everywhere. it seems like this is a need that hasn't been fulfilled yet! it would need to have lawn space and trees for couples having picnics, enough space for a group of friends to play frisbee or other games, and some nice areas for people to read a book or sit alone for a while and enjoy the park.

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Hmmmmm...lil'confused by where you dropped this flag and w/ this idea in general. Skinner, Arrigo, Union, UIC campus, and Heritage Green are all viable options, no? I presume you're turned off to the congestion and types of users at Mary Bartelme Park. Seems like a good problem for the City though. Let's keep thinking of other low hanging fruit type improvements for this area. The Peoria Pedestrian bridge should increase access to UIC's open spaces, and perhaps someday we'll cap the Kennedy between Jackson and Lake, which is not really low hanging fruit, though it would add both open and development space. #makenosmallplans #urbsinhorto