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Increase bus frequency and create bus lanes

Chicago, IL

Buses should run more frequently within the entire city, including the loop and to the museum campus. obviously this is a much larger project than just improving transit to the mc but something has to be done about transportation throughout the city. the problem: getting around is slow. why? traffic. how do you alleviate traffic? get cars off the road. why do people drive? it's faster, more convenient, and more comfortable than a bus. running buses more frequently requires less waiting making them more convenient. to make them faster get them out of traffic. how about bus lanes. that would make the buses faster and driving slower, which encourages more people to take the bus. that's the point. encourage public transit. discourage driving. once more people take the bus and less people drive, there will be lass traffic, so people well get around faster. specifically for the mc, increase bus frequency to and from and give buses the right of way, using bus lanes or signage.

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