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Trailers + Recreational Vehicle Parking

Yorkville, IL
Trailers + Recreational Vehicle Parking

There is a concern that trailers (utility, boat, horse, cargo, camping, travel) and recreational vehicles are too large for residential lots and have been known to impede upon neighboring properties as well as the sidewalk.

Is this a concern that you share?

If so, does the following statement do enough to address it (from the draft Zoning Ordinance)?

>Parking and Storage Restricted
. . . in a residence district, no more than one trailer may be parked or stored openly in the driveway of a residential lot and shall not block the pedestrian way or sidewalk.


>Stored Trailers
Trailers stored in the open on a residential lot shall not be located within the required side yard or front yard. However, trailers may be stored openly in the rear yard of a residential lot, provided that it shall be no closer than ten feet (10') to a side or rear lot line.

Roger Murphy Yorkville, IL

What defines the term EYESORE?Better yet WHO gets to decide what is an EYESORE? We own our own properties and do we really want the city government to tell us what we can and can't have on our own property? I would hope that everyone would be smart enough not to block the sidewalk with anything? I am wondering if you own an rv,boat,camper where would you put it if you could not have it on your driveway? I believe the driveway is yours and you should be able to put anything on it as long as its not on or blocking the City sidewalk. The city owns the street so they can regulate the parking of RV,boats and campers in their street, but not your private property.

kevin koeppen Yorkville, IL

If it is a privately owned lot and is not on the easement then what business is it of the city to "regulate" private property use.

Judy Somerlot Yorkville, IL

Trailers and recreational vehicles should NOT be stored or parked (except for loading/unloading within a specified time limit) in a residence district. I would accept placement in the rear yard of a residential lot. We own a recreational vehicle and would not consider leaving it in our driveway or on our property. Trailers (as defined above) are eyesores when left on the property and openly viewed.

Christopher Cherwin Yorkville, IL

Nothing shall be parked in a way that blocks the sidewalk or roadway. I am not in favor of restricting parking of trailers to the rear of the yard.

We have so many ordinances that don't get any attention. There are plenty of trailers parked on the sides of the houses up and down the streets. Who is suppose to enforce these rules? I don't want to be called, "that kind of neighbor" again to report something like this. The woman at the Zoning Commissions office made ME out to be the bad person for reporting blocked sideways....I said "I really hate to be this kind of person..: and she said...Oh but you are....really: I don't need attitude from MY, who is suppose to enforce these rules? There should be no deficet in this town if rules were enforced and fines attached!