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Signage for Adult Uses

Yorkville, IL
Signage for Adult Uses

How should signage be regulated? Is the following sufficient?

"No adult use shall be conducted in any manner that permits the observation of any material, depicting, describing, or relating to "specified sexual activities" or "specific anatomical areas" by display, decoration, sign, show window, or other opening from any public way or from any property not licensed as an adult use."

Clark Kromenaker Yorkville, IL

Why would an idea like this be posted unless someone is testing the tolerance for strip clubs and gambling casinos in Yorkville?

Actually Clark, the City has had an Adult Use ordinance on the books since 1998, as we are required by law to provide a zoning classification where such a use can be located. This question is specifically related to signage restrictions for adult oriented uses.

We're not that desperate for tax money to allow this kind of business in town. Keep it family you really want your kids, grandkids asking "what's in that "store"?