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Downtown Building Height Limits

Yorkville, IL
Downtown Building Height Limits

Should Downtown Area buildings be allowed to go as high as B-1 and B-2 buildings? The B-1 & B-2 building height allowance is 80 feet.

Currently, the Zoning Ordinance limits buildings or structures within the "downtown area" to a maximum height of three (3) stories or thirty-five (35) feet. All other buildings are permitted to be six (6) stories or eighty (80) feet. Should the lower height threshold still apply to the downtown, or is this provision outdated?

Joel Frieders Yorkville, IL

Outdated! Let them build. Scrape the sky.

David Scott Yorkville, IL

Outdated. Bring the new multi story projects.

Craig Lentzkow Yorkville, IL

Outdated. 6 stories should encourage condo building in the downtown area.

Jamey Immergluck Yorkville, IL


Mark Prickett Yorkville, IL


Steven Chaloka Yorkville, IL

Give the downtown a chance to progress,