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Expanded Urban Forestry Initiatives

Peoria, IL
Expanded Urban Forestry Initiatives

Build upon current urban forestry efforts to create a more robust street tree program that restores and increases urban canopy. Measure and report the results in terms of stormwater runoff reduction, adjacent property value increases, air quality improvements, urban heat island reductions, CO2 reductions, crime reduction, etc.

2 supporters

Goal: 75

Action Plan:

Once this campaign reaches a goal of 75 supporters, City of Peoria staff will reach out to discuss how the ideas presented in this campaign could inform the City’s strategic direction moving forward.

Josh Hunt Peoria, IL

It's great for shading to mitigate the summer heat island effect, but long-rooted grasses might be more effective in aiding surfacewater infiltration, especially since you might have bare soil otherwise under some shade trees. I'm sure a combo is probably ideal.
Most importantly though, LEGALIZE CHICKENS in Peoria please!