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Riverfront Sculpture Garden

Peoria, IL
Riverfront Sculpture Garden

Establish a Sculpture Garden for large scale outdoor sculptures to enhance the public art and culture of Peoria. My suggestion is that this be a large park with plenty of green-space for multi-use purpose but includes these large outdoor sculptures so that the art will be exposed to those who may be attracted to the park for other reasons. Many Cities have such an attraction. I believe that the goal should be to acquire permanent sculptures numerous enough that this would be a destination park. I would suggest along the Riverfront close to the Sculpture walk.

Colt Sandberg Peoria, IL

Graffiti walls, professionally maintained. Kinetic and interactive large scale pieces. Energy creations using the flowing river and wind sculptures to continue the progress and education of sustainable.

Doug Leunig Peoria, IL

I really like this idea and Colt's suggestions. Two operative words to pay attention to are "Large" and "permanent." Interactive hydro powered kinetic sculptures would be really cool. You could start by moving the George Rickey kinetic sculpture at the airport baggage claim outside in the wind where it belongs.

Doug Leunig Peoria, IL

The arts spark our imagination and curiosity and often result in innovation. Also, we need more things to love.