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Remodel Stanton Park

Chicago, IL
Remodel Stanton Park

My neighborhood is near north. my neighborhood is usually quiet, there are few problems, we are really close to downtown, during the summer children play outside but there are problems in the places that the kids play. stanton park, has had the basketball courts redone recently, the park is very clean but it could use two new playgrounds.
one of the playgrounds is in disrepair. it should be remodeled. this park could use new water fountains because they don’t work, if we fixed them i believe more people would visit the park. this park needs some color, if there were more colors, it would be noticed and it would be more popular. the park has a parking lot in it and that could be dangerous if younger children are playing in it. the parking lot is only used around the times that school is in session or if there is an event in the park. my idea is to also have the field house painted and the entire playground should be rubber surface, this would look nice in the playground.