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New Creations

Chicago, IL

What i want to build in the empty space on north clybourn is a youth center for student’s so when they get out of school they can go inside to all types of programs just to stay out of trouble and stay occupied while their outside of school instead of being on the dangerous streets of chicago. for example it will have to provide a gym room a game room , lunch room ,studio room study hall, anything that will make the youth center fun but you’ll need staff members security guard’s and an front desk to make sure the kids who not members cannot get in without a scanner id i promise this will be so fun to us students and also staff member’s. the auditorium can be in the gym room so the building won’t be so large. like 80 percent of children would really enjoy it because of the fun activities you get to actually play or do when ur boring or inside chilling or waiting on a ride.