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Paradise Park

Chicago, IL
Paradise Park

These are my ideas for stanton park which needs improvement.we need to make a fun place that is clean where i can hang out with friends. this is a park paradise, if you will, because even though it is not a bad place it has potential.the stanton park is a great place to play basketball or l baseball, you name it they have it.the last thing they need is somebody to complain about their work. i am trying to help them out with some advice from my point of view.
let’s give the park a makeover. make it bigger to have room for more people. update the wood in the gym. put security outside to make sure no one breaks rules.there are fights and blood is shed. the staff is awesome but the park is too crowded i invite my friends and often have to leave because there are too many people so the staff can not keep up.
i have an idea if we have more staff, more kids can come.this means more money for the make this a real paradise park we all need to pitch in.