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Potholes: The Real Issue of Edison Park

Chicago, IL
Potholes: The Real Issue of Edison Park

Driving through my neighborhood i risk riding over potholes. they have caused much damage to our cars. this issue is out of control and the city hasn't fixed the potholes. my brother and i were riding down harlem and ran over a huge pothole. i heard the air shooting out of the tire. we got out and our tire was completely destroyed. we didn't have a spare, so we had to call in a tow truck, which put a huge dent in his wallet. this has happened to others too, if the potholes do not get fixed we will have many more problems than we already do.
the solution is simple but hard to execute. instead of filling in the potholes with the same old gravel and cement, let’s repave the roads that need it most. it may be difficult to get the city council to listen to our plan but it is worth it. the roads are so damaged. instead of using temporary solutions let’s be safer and repave the streets. i think the safety of people and their transportation is an important way to use our tax dollars.